Max Petroleum Announces Production Test Results
Thursday, Feb 02, 2012
Max Petroleum Plc, an oil and gas exploration and production company focused on Kazakhstan, is pleased to announce that it has begun testing a second Triassic reservoir in the SAGW-1 well in the Sagiz West Field at depths between 1,243 to 1,255 metres, flowing 43 API gravity oil at a stable rate of 430 barrels of oil per day (“bopd”) over a 17-hour period.  Additionally, the Company has begun testing a second Jurassic reservoir in the ASK-1 well in the Asanketken Field at depths between 1,271 to 1,277 metres, flowing 36 degree API gravity oil at a stable rate of 1,005 bopd over a 24-hour period.  Both wells are connected to temporary production facilities and will be placed on long-term test production for up to 90 days.

Source: Max Petroleum

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